Testimonials and Customer Rides

Tony with a CustomerAt Tony's Parts, we really appreciate all of our customers and in return try our best to offer quality parts, competitive pricing and good customer service. We offer a 100% refund on the parts we sell.

There is no part too small for our customers. We've sold many items as small as nuts/bolts, clamps, small brackets, and door lock rods, all the way up to whole cars. So please don't be afraid to ask for what you need. If we don't have a part currently in stock, we will try to offer the name and phone number of another supplier who might be able to help with that part.

We are always willing to provide any kind of technical help to our customers for all aspects of their car. We are Mopar enthusiasts ourselves, and truly enjoy talking about these cars and helping our fellow hobbyists.

We are very proud of our reputation in the Mopar community, and work hard to continually improve on that reputation.

If you have bought parts from us, please send a picture of your car and a note describing what part we helped you with, along with some information about your car.

Here are a few comments from some of our recent customers about their experiences with Tony's Parts:

Tony D. is the most knowledgeable Mopar guy I have ever met. He is my go-to guy and contributes greatly to the accuracy of Graveyard Carz.
- Mark Worman of Graveyard Carz -

Being a collector of one of a kind factory show cars, untouched original production cars, and over-the-top restorations, I'm in a unique position to know what's right or wrong with regards to correct parts. I have all the "answers" at my disposal. What I don't always have is the correct part. Tony's Parts has solved that problem. When one of my restorers sees a Tony's Parts box on his doorstep, he knows it's the RIGHT part we need. No stories...no drama...just the right part at the right price, delivered on time. We call and, if he has it, it's delivered promptly. No bidding, no auction nonsense, business just like the good old days.
- Steven Juliano from NY -

70 CoronetI've always loved the unique 70 Coronet body style. After seeing an orphaned Y1 70 Coronet RT for sale on TonysParts.com I knew I had to grab it. Tony and I worked out the sale and I began the full restoration. Thanks Tony for all your tech and parts help during the resto!! The car has a second life now and we love cruising her around! Keep up the GREAT work!!
- John via email -

Hey Tony, Received filter assemb. last Friday. After 2 yrs of on and off searching for a pair of originals I found them at TONYSPARTS! Also, they are a nice pair. Thanks.
- Cecil via email -

71 CudaHaving met Tony at E-Town and buying parts off of him there and at Carlisle over the years, I made my first internet purchase from him and, as usual, no disappointments. Fast shipping and exactly as described, Tony is an asset to the Mopar hobby - thanks Tony.
- Joe. G. from Long Island, NY -

Hi Tony, I just got the replacement 053 radiator and I am now satisfied with my purchase. I appreciate all your efforts and patience involved with making everything right. I won't hesitate to contact you in the future for any further restoration needs that I may have. Thanks again.
- Anthony via email -

70 Cuda 440-6I'd like to thank Tony's Parts for helping with a set of date-coded and proper list # carbs for my friend's '70 440 6-pack cuda that I'm restoring for him. He and his wife used this car for their wedding car along with their '72 cuda. He has owned this cool ride for over 25 years and has plenty of stories to go with it. Again, thanks for all of your help.
- Lyall from Canada -

Hi Tony, Thank you for sending another lock. I have an old Plymouth service manual. In the introduction it states "Plymouth builds great cars. Good service keeps them great." You are living up to the motto. Keep up the good work.
- Morris from New Zealand -

69 Road Runner WhiteI mostly bought misc items from you at Carlisle, but I've placed a couple of mail orders...the last of which was probably 3-4 years ago when I first bought the car. Among them were the oil filler cap (it was newly available as I recall) and a shifter handle...I'm sure there are other things...I've found that when it comes to decent used, correct, and date-coded parts, that you provide the best selection...Thanks again,
- Craig via email -

Pedals rcvd in good shape a few days ago, but just got back my phone line after my move. Deal done well. Thank you! If you ever need a reference, lemme know. I am very satisfied :) Thanks.
- Alex via email -

68 Barracuda Forumla SHello Tony, Here's a photo of my 68 Barracuda Formula-S car. It's a 383, 4spd. car that's been converted to a 440-6 stroker motor with a 5spd. Thanks again for the great parts and service. Best regards,
- J. Slezak via email -

TONY, Thanks a million for the 383 air grab carb, choke and advance unit. And I thought that I was the king of packing boxes. Good job!
- Robert from CA -

By the way, since you are DA MAN, I'm not tryin' anywhere else until I hear from YOU! :) :)
- Randall via email -

Mannix Dart ConvertibleHello, I just wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me bring back the Mannix 1968 GTS convertible. It will be on display at Carlisle next weekend in the 1968 Showroom display. Best Regards,
- Bill via email -

The unique thing about Tony's Parts is Tony D'Agostino himself. Lots of places have parts. Lots of places are knowledgeable. Tony is big-time both, but he's also honest. That rare combination makes me come back to Tony's Parts again and again for parts for my GTX project. He knows his stuff, he won't send you junk and he gets it shipped the day you order your part. He is simply the best Mopar parts supplier out there.
- Des Ryan from Canada -

Dodge DartI just wanted to say thanks for the recent parts. It`s always a pleasure to deal with you and you always seem to have the parts that I just can`t find. Here`s a couple pics of my Mopars that you`ve help put together. Again, thanks and look for another e-mail from me in regards to a fan clutch. Best regards,
- John from VA -

Hi, We just wanted say that we received the tail light right on schedule and in great condidtion. Thank you! It is always appreciated when you are treated with respect and courtesy! It is sometimes hard to find a business or a person with integrity, but this time we did. Thank you for the listing of your items, I'm sure you have not heard the last from us!
- Kim & Jeff via email -

69 Road RunnerTony, It was a pleasure meeting you at the recent Roanoke Valley Mopar Club car show at the Home Depot. After seeing your projects in magazines and all the help you have given me in the restoration of my 68 (Red with Black Vinyl top) Road Runner, it was great to meet you. Thanks again for your support in supplying us with the parts and pieces we need to restore our machines back to their glory. It was an honor to have someone such as yourself stop and give a look at over 3 years of hard work. Thanks again,
- Ron from VA -

The parts I've bought from you before have been great...I keep recommending you at car shows! Thanks!
- Matt from CA -

69 BarracudaI ordered a single groove crank pulley that is not easy to find. Tony had the correct part in stock. After sending PayPal, the part was at my door in good condition two days later. Thanks for the great service Tony.
- Bill from MD -

Tony, Received l/r quarter window and instrument cluster in only two days. Wow, great parts, great service, great price. This is my fourth purchase from you and the first time by on-line. Perfect. Thank you.
- Thomas from IN -

70 BarracudaThanks Tony for the purchase of this 70 barracuda in 2001, with the help of your parts we were able to build this car to what you see here. With parts such as a really nice set of fenders, 26" radiator support, two really nice doors and other odds and ends. Thanks for all your help with this car and the completion of other cars using your parts as well. Thanks again, Mike and Tim
- Mike and Tim via email -

Tony, I received the mirror today and all I can say is wow! The piece is 1st class, and better than I expected. It'll look great after I squirt it EV2! Thanks for the fast delivery and fair price. You're an asset to the Mopar hobby.
- Mark via email -

69 Super BeeDear Tony: Speaker grille arrived today. I took it home and washed it and it is perfect!! Thanks much.
- Ray via email -

Hello Tony, I received the headliner bowes today. They look great!! Hey I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service!! Every time I call with a need for an obscure part, you always have it, and your prices are the best!! I have recommended your business to other club members here in Tulsa. (SMOA - Southwest Mopar Owners Assoc.). So once again thanks and keep up the excellent work!!
- Wayne from OK -

Red 69 Road RunnerTony, Received the horn button for my '69 Road Runner. Great shape, decent price...what a novel idea! After reading the testimonials here, I knew you sold the genuine Mopar parts and not a foreign made reproduction. The new steering wheel will be an added compliment to the car. I've attached a pic for your files. Thanks again for the sale.
- MK from Dayton, OH -

Tony, Just wanted to let you know that I feel you are the most honest person I have ever bought from. My circuit was broken (pin) and you said that another one would be mailed to me and a couple of days later it arrived. Just wanted to say thank you very much and I will definately be buying parts from you in the future. Honest people are hard to find and you are one of them...Thanks Again.
- Leonard from NC -

74 GTXThanks Tony for the parts and service while I was overseas during operation Iraqi Freedom. Here's a picture of my sweet heart from about a year ago. Though she's not done yet, you have helped me out quit a bit. Thanks for the rear wheel trim, the dashboard emblem and the chrome headlight bezels. I'm still looking for the front wheel trim and bumper brackets that attach to the fenders to complete this project. If you can be of any assistance it would be greatly appreciated as always. If you happen across anything that you think may be of benefit for my girl let me know. Sincerely,
- DC 2 (SW) Cameron G. Lair, US Navy, USS Halyburton (FFG 40) -

Tony, Good Morning! My wife was in the kitchen listening to our phone conversation yesterday. When I hung up she said, "He's still the best to deal with." That has always been true! Over the years she has listened to a lot of conversations when I was hunting for NOS parts and walked the acres talking to the dealers year after year at Carlisle with me. Ever since we first met in 2002 (BECAUSE OF MOPAR COLLECTORS GUIDE) you have been the nicest person in the Mopar industry to deal with. You have always been willing to stop what you were doing to help me find a part for my 73 Rallye Charger or the 70 Cuda. Simply put, you are the best. Thank you once again Tony for your help yesterday. No one else in the industry can top you.
- Chuck from MD -

Blue 69 Road RunnerHi Tony, Got the A-pillar today and all is fine. Here are a few shots of my Road Runner. Thanks again for the good service.
- Stu from CA -

Tony, I just thought I would drop you a line of thanks for your time and patience in the return of the damaged 440 motor. In a world that most people do not stand behind their sales, it is refreshing to find a man of your integrity. Because of this, I will HIGHLY recommend all my MOPAR friends to contact you for their part needs. I also will be sure to return in the future for anything I may need for my cars. I will make sure to stop by and say hello at Chrysler Carlisle and welcome you to our car corral spot for refreshments. Just let me know where you will be. Thanks again.
- Bruce via email -

69 ChargerGottem (14 x 5.5" wheels) tonight Tony in great shape and thanks for the catalog as well, I suspect you will here from me again after I have a chance to peruse it. Thanks Again.
- Jon via email -

...Also want to give Tony and Jeff...some just due, they were both very helpful on the phone, and very patient with me while my computer-illiterate (edited) signed up for Paypal in order to pay for the stuff I wanted to order. I am very happy with the rear interior panels, they are both in nice shape, no cracks, no bad scratches. They also arrived cloaked in huge, bulletproof, peanut-stuffed cardboard boxes. I bought my 4615S carb from Tony years ago (took the trip down to Delaware for that one), and he was nice enough to show us around his "warehouse" of parts and his current stash of hot muscle Mopars, including a Superbird at the time. I didn't feel any need to worry about ordering from these guys because of how neat, clean, and tightly organized all their parts are. Also, I like dealing with a place where you can talk to the guy who owns/runs the place. You don't sit on hold forever, or get lost in voicemail and touchtone-menu hell like some places. You call Tony's, Tony answers the phone. I'd definitely recommend these guys.
- Scott from NJ -

70 CudaHello Tony, Several weeks ago I ordered a headlight bezel and side marker light pigtails from you. Just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with the items and appreciated your help. I also wanted you to see my car also so I've included a picture. Thanks again for your help.
- Mary via email -

Tony, The 72 parts book just came. Everything looks just fine. Thanks for enclosing your latest Tony's parts book too, I always scan them throughly. As always your service is super. Thanks for your help.
- Chuck from MD -

70 DartHello Tony! Here is a picture of my stock 70 Dart. I received the date coded carb/intake and the original steering wheel to complete the all numbers matching numbers car! Thanks for the great service and the speedy shipping.
- Don via email -

Tony, I received the 8 track radio today and would like to thank you for your service, I am pleased with it knowing that it is 38 or so years old. It was a pleasure doing business with you as I have been looking for a while and am sick and tired of bidding on, and playing the stupid games that eBay demands. I like to know the price someone wants, then I can purchase it if I wish. I got your contacts off Moparts.com and am looking forward to dealing with you again.
- Laurie from Australia -

66 BarracudaMy 66 Barracuda can & does run 12.20s 1/4 mile @ 108mph, thanks to Tony's Parts & FTI Converters
- Mike via email -

Hi Tony, Today I got the Radio for my Superbird and it was nice as you told me. There is only one problem, I can't play AM in Sweden but the car came with it from the Factory so thats why I would like one.
- Erik from Sweden -

71 Cuda GK6Thanks to great vendors like yourself, it'll soon have the awesome reproduction rally dash HVAC bezel installed that you provided. I look forward to doing continued business with you in the future, and meeting you in person next summer at the Mopar Nationals. Thanks again Tony!
- David via email -

Tony, The filler tube arrived today. I rushed home to see if it mated to my '70 only gas cap and voila! The last couple of pieces you need always seem to be the hardest to find. Thanks for your help and I am passing around your catalog.
- M AAR K via email -

69 Dart GTSHi Tony, The inside door emblems showed up today they the look excellent! Was the last piece of trim needed to complete the puzzle. Still lots of final assembly to do, but won't be long until the GTS is rolling to the shows! Thanks again,
- Woody via email -

69 Charger OrangeYou asked me if i could send a picture of my car. I have worked with the car for 4 years, and now its drivable. So I thank you for the parts I bought from you. It's a Dodge Charger 1969. Best Regards.
- Thomas E. from Sweden -

70 ChargerTony, thanks so much for the quick shipment of the header panel. The panel was perfect for my restoration and will be ordering additional parts from you. Hope you and your family have a great holiday season. Thanks again.
- Garry H. from NC -

Thanks Tony, you are my supplier of choice.
- Scott via email -

69 Road Runner BlueHere is a picture of my 69 Road Runner. I bought two fenders and some misc. parts for it from you. Great service and fast shipping. Thanks.
- Bill from CT -

71 Dodge ChallengerHi Tony, Just got back from work, the moulding showed up today. You did an incredible job packing and protecting it and it paid off; it arrived in perfect condition, I am very pleased. My car got back from paint last week, and now I have to put it back all together. I will send you a pic when I will be done. Here's a pic how it look now...Thank you very very much and have a nice evening.
- Robert from Canada -


72 Dodge DartI just wanted to say thanks for all of the parts and support I have gotten from Tony's Parts. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and the staff up in Delaware. I have been up many times and gotten excellent deals on all of the MOPAR parts I needed to put my 1972 Dodge Dart back on the road. Tony provided the 8-3/4" rear, exhaust manifolds for a 340, intake and carb, many body and interior parts and an original "fake wood" steering wheel to make my project one of the coolest '72 dart Swingers in Northern Virginia. The unique thing about Tony's Parts is Tony D'Agostino himself, Tony always seem to have the parts that I just can`t find anyplace else, and showing up a Carlisle has made it even more apparent that Tony is the premier supplier of NOS, New Reproductions and used MOPAR parts in the US as well as an authority in his own right on everything MOPAR. Here`s a couple pictures of my 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger that you`ve help put together. Many vendors had parts, some had experience and are knowledgeable but Tony is both and to boot, he is super honest. That rare combination makes me come back to Tony's Parts again and again for parts for my Dart project. He knows his stuff, he won't send you junk and he gets it shipped the day you order your part. He is simply the best MOPAR parts supplier out there. Thanks Tony.
- Michael from VA -

69 Dodge Hemi Charger R/THello Sir, Just thought I would send a couple of pics of my rotisserie restoration 1969 R/T using the repro console I purchased from you. The motor is numbers-matching!
- Carl from TX -

69 Plymouth Road Runner PurpleHi Tony, just wanted to say thanks for your help with my 69 Roadrunner. You returned my emails quickly and sent me pics of the parts that I wanted to buy. Tony's Mopar the only place to get your parts.
- John from MA -

66 Dodge ChargerHey Tony, Here's my 66 Charger; was my first car; back around '99 I converted it to 4-speed; got trans, flywheel, bellhousing from you. Everything's still workin great. Love your Daytona!
- Steve from PA -

70 Dodge ChallengerThanks for all the Tony's Parts.
- Steve from OR -



71 Dodge ChallengerThis 1971 Challenger has Tony's parts on it!! Found them there when nobody else had them. Thanks guys.
- Trey from TX -


72 Dodge ChallengerVery happy with parts ordered for my 72 Charger from Tony, looking at misc. items for my 72 Challenger.
- Todd from WI -


72 Dodge ChargerMy 72 Charger, ordered front grill and door moldings from Tony, very pleased with everything, in the process of having the body and paint done on it.
- Todd from WI -

72 Dodge Charger Cloned to 71 Super Bee72 Charger completed into a 71 Super Bee, my way, with the help from Tony's Parts.
- Todd from WI -


68 Dodge Charger Sweden(Purchased a 727 trans dipstick and B-Body auto floorshift rod) Great! Here's a picture on my Charger.
- Stefan from Sweden -


67 Dodge CoronetTony's excellent parts, available "nowhere else, no way!"
- Robert from TX -


68 Plymouth BarracudaHi Tony and Jeff, I took my 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback out for a test drive today with the 8-3/4-inch rear end and 489 3.23 center section that I bought from you last year. The car runs great! The rear end gives me better acceleration as compared to the 7-1/4-inch 2.76 that came with the car originally. This effort has really paid off in making my Barracuda a very enjoyable ride. Thank you. P.S. My next effort is going to be front disk brakes so that I can stop the durn thang!
- Terry from MD -

69 Plymouth Road Runner OrangeMy 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 magnum 4 speed. I ordered from you the 3 speed crank arm for the wiper motor so now I can install the wiper motor, air-grabber assembly and air cleaner on the engine. I purchased the car as a bare shell 2 yrs ago. Thanks.
- Tim from MN -

72 AARThank you for all your help in obtaining "hard to get" parts which makes the hobby that much easier. I'm very impressed with your knowledge which helps me complete my projects. I've been dealing with you for almost 30 years, and you are the "go-to guy" as far as Mopars are concerned. Here is a picture of my recent project that you have helped me complete. Thanks!
- Steve from NJ -

70 Dodge Coronet GreenThank you for all the nice original parts you have sent me over the last year to help me complete my first Mopar! I'm sure I'm not your biggest customer, but when I needed headliner retainer clips, a full set of green armrest pads, a woodgrain radio bezel, green defrost vents, lower control arms, torsion bar screws, a strut rod, a complete spare jack assembly and spare wheel, Tony's Parts earned my trust for delivering the highest quality parts at a fair price after my first order! Thanks again for all your help.
- Jeff from MN -

67 Dodge ChargerHere are some photos of my '67 Charger. When I bought it, one of the things missing was the cigarette lighter. It wasn't a big deal, I suppose, but every time I'd drive it, that hole in the dash would bug me. I searched for a few years, inquiring at every Mopar source I could find with no luck. One guy (who shall remain nameless) claimed he was a Charger guru, and when I asked him about the cigarette lighter, he didn't seem to know what I was talking about and asked for a photo! Then I saw Tony on Graveyard Carz, and thought I would try again. Well -- within days I had my cigarette lighter, and for a darn fair price. My dash is all intact now, thanks to Tony. Looks great! Now I'll have to find something else to bug me. Thanks again, Tony!
- Mike from ID -


69 Dodge Super Bee CloneA few years ago, I drove down from the Bronx to purchase a '69 factory warranty replacement 440 block from you. Since then, this Super Bee clone has been at arlisle the last three years and going strong. And yes, I run it at Englishtown! 11.5's all day long. Currently building a '68 Charger. Thus I'm sure to be contacting you soon. Good luck with your Charger build as well. Thanks!
- Pjay from NY -


69 Dodge Super Bee OrangeI received the "070" clutch fan for my A12 and a used power steering pump. The fan clutch looks like great quality and the used power steering pump was in great condition and will help me keep the car as original as possible! Also, like the fact you are supporting Graveyard Carz...great show for the MOPAR fans. Thanks Tony.
- Ron from CO -

71 Plymouth Cuda from BrazilHi, Tony. Hope you remember me. Iím Sergio, from S„o Paulo, Brazil, that was restoring a Ď71 340 Cuda. Thanks to Tonyís Parts Iīve finally managed to have it complete, after five years. Thanks again for all your help. Best regards. PS: Attached you can see my car at the biggest classics car show in Brazil, at Lindoia City, S„o Paulo, where I won the prize for the best in 1971-1980 class!
- Sergio from Brazil -


71 Dodge Challenger FC7Big Thanks to Tony's!!! After the trans shop rebuilt the 904 trans in the 71 challenger and installed the kickdown linkage wrong, Tony's Mopar Parts was to the rescue. They had all the right parts and had it fixed in about 15 minutes. These guys are the best!!!!!
- Chris from DE -

70 Dodge Challenger OrangeHi Tony, Thank you for those excellent Challenger front fender rear moulds. Awesome sh#t man. Thanks again man.
- Matt from Australia -


70 Plymouth Cuda B5Tonyís console and lock, ashtray, dash trims, carpet, trunk lid, headlight trim ring, front wiring harness, Dana center section, and under hood hardware. In addition, I have completed two other Road Runners using many of Tonyís parts. Always interested in each project of mine and much, much advice and guidance. He even had the original build sheet for my car! Special thanks to Tony and Jeff!
- Tony from MD -

70 Dodge Super BeeI would like to thank and your company for having the parts I needed so I can finish my superbee. I have heard nothing but good things about you and your company.
- Chuck from AR -

65 Dodge CoronetThanks for getting back to me - you always respond quickly to every question I have. Itís a pleasure to buy stuff from you. Hereís what the lock is for.
- Chad from MT -

70 Dodge Charger R/TThanks for a great part and quick delivery!
- Sam from Sweden -



67 Dodge Coronet 383My car is a 1967 Dodge coronet 500 Hardtop, has the original 383 and 727 in it. Original condition car. I bought it in the US last year. And imported to Tampere, Finland where I live. I am an Aussie living over here in Finland since 2000. Yesterday I attended Finland's largest car show, Pick Nick 2014 in Forssa, Finland. My car was judged in the 1960's Classification and I took the 3rd place. Not bad considering over 2,500 cars attended! (not all 60's of course, but still). I purchased an original Trunk Jack Assembly and a fader switch and loom from you! I am really happy with them too! Will be buying again for sure!
- Zoran from Finland -

71 Plymouth Road RunnerReceived adapter today, works great on our 71' RR (had one of those goofy Grant adapters on it), thanks for the help.
- Joseph via email -

69 Dodge ChargerHi Tony, Just wanted to say hello and send you some pictures of the Charger RT I bought from you a while back. Came out great and also a big thanks for your expertise and parts support!
- Adam from MD -

67 Dodge DartFirst drive with replacement fuel gauge from Tony's Parts. Works perfectly. Thanks!
- Phillip from NM -


70 Plymouth Cuda 440-6Good morning...I have a car in your testimonials; I thought I would send some up dated photos. We took it to Vegas and placed second in the stock E body. I got the carbs and space saver tire from you. Thanks for all your help.
- Lyall from Canada -

71 Plymouth Cuda NZHello Tony, Thank you for taking time to email me and explain reasons regarding different casting numbers/markings and production runs etc. on Chrysler heads. I now fully understand and happy to proceed with build and these cylinder heads. I also appreciate you posting question on forum and will continue to watch with interest. Look forward to doing business with you sometime in the future. Have attached pic of our car. Regards,
- Wayne from New Zealand -


69 Dodge Coronet BronzeTony, Here are a couple of shots. Original #'s matching '69 Coronet R/T. 440HP, 4-speed, 4.10 Dana, T7 Dark Bronze with black interior, Ramcharger hood, PDB, manual steering, tach, non-console, bucket seat car. Thanks for excellent service. Parts were as described and shipped quickly at a great price. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again,
- Tim from IN -

70 Dodge Super Bee B5Your seats (Refurbished of course) Your console (Restored properly of course) My Car!! Ha! Ha! I am now 57, bought it when I was 18. Garaged for almost 40 years. Time to enjoy!! I will be in touch. 1969 Roadrunner in the works now.
- "Firedome" from PA -

70 Dodge Challenger 426 Hemi RedFirst is a numbers matching 1970 R/T Challenger, Hemi 426, 4-speed, 3.54 Dana 60. Supposedly only one of 14 red on red still in existence. Car has 33,560 miles on odometer. Tony's Parts has been invaluable in assisting us with getting NOS parts for this Challenger. Their expertise has helped us ferret out the facts from the myths. Personally, I wish to thank Tony for visiting our humble adobe and the great friendship offered.
- Bob from OR -

70 Plymouth Cuda 440-6 OrangeSecond is our 1970 numbers matching Cuda (N96) shaker 440 six-barrel, 4-speed, 4.10 Dana with 29,357 miles on the odometer. Tony's Parts has helped us find and get the VERY hard parts on this vehicle. Tony and Jeff seem to be an encyclopedia of correct information.. They seem to always be able to take time to help inform us of how these cars were actually built. Much thanks.
- Bob from OR -

68 Hemi Super BeeThanks again for helping find the 68 HEMI oil pan for my car.
- Joseph from CT -


70 Dodge Charger GreenHello Tony, Once again you have proven to be a class 1 supplier of Mopar parts worldwide. I got the delivery in time and before the upcoming car show this weekend; I managed to replace the missing redline dog dish and my Charger is ready for the show. Many thanks,
- Sam from Sweden -

64 Belvedere WagonHi Tony, Thanks for the great deal and fast shiping on the hood ornament. Enclosed picture of my 1964 Plymouth Belvedere wagon with the 426/425HP Max Wedge motor. This is when we set the B/SA IHRA record in Maryland at 10.72ET/124.73 MPH. I always worried about having a spare hood ornament/call out and now thanks to you it is no longer a problem. I have owned the wagon over 50 years and that is why I am so protective of it and the 517 miles it has on it. Regards,
- Dom from ME -

66 Plymouth SatelliteHi Tony, I want to thank you for all of your help in my efforts to rebuild Stormy after being forced into a guard rail in 2013. You were able to supply all of the straight, rust free parts (right door, front fender & front valence) to facilitate a successful repair of the damage. You also located & supplied NOS trim (wheel house moldings & the hood scoop that is just an awesome look) that Iíve been keeping an eye out for many years & some that I didnít think still existed. Over the years you helped with many parts to keep Stormy running strong and looking great. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP.
- Mike from NY -

70 Challenger T/A FY1Hi Tony, Thanks so much Tony for all the help you have given me. I needed to find a place that could help me source ALL the parts I needed in one go, as it is hard to do from the UK. You went above and beyond my expectations with your knowledge and help. I cannot fault your service and look forward to our next deal.
- Mick from the UK -

69 Road RunnerMy Road Runner could never have gotten to where it is now without your help in finding the right parts I need! Thanks!
- Stu from CA -


63 Dart WagonI can't thank you enough for all of your help and time spent helping me solve my brake issue on my '63 Dart; and of course you had the correct part I was in search of...a '74-75 A-Body Disc/Drum proportioning valve. Tony's Parts is always Bronx Mopars first phone call when we need a hard to find original part for one of our restorations! Now it's time to throw the kids in the car and go for a cruise! Thanks,
- Nick from NY -

74 Charger SEHi Tony, I just received an NOS fuel pump (Chrysler p/n 3685800, Carter MS-6416S), a specific part for a 1974 440 High Performance engine, from Tony's Parts. The part arrived after just a few days and was in perfect condition in the original Mopar box. Excellent part, excellent service, and a very reasonable price! I will certainly be a repeat customer. Here is a recent photograph of my 1974 Dodge Charger SE which I special-ordered from the factory. It has a matching-numbers E86 440 High Performance engine. I took delivery of the Charger from Glendale Dodge on May 6, 1974. The sales price was $5,360.75. The sunset is reflecting off of original 41-year-old paint.
- Bryan from CA -

71 Challenger R/THi Tony, Thank you so much for all I have found with you; rare original radio for my Challenger. Have a nice day! On the road again...in France!!
- Cyril from France -

70 Charger FM3Tony, Here are a few pics of the FM3 Charger. Thanks for the parts I bought from you: NOS SE sail panel emblems, exhaust manifold stove/heat riser (original), radio knobs, and 1/4 vent window frames. Thanks for all of the help.
- Matt from FL -

68 Coronet Hemi R/THi, I have ordered from Tony Mopar some very hard and rare parts for my original J Code 426 Hemi 1968 Coronet RT. Tony delivered in only 5 days my parts, original tail lights and tail panel! Especially the mentioned tail panel is very rare to find and I was looking for that part over almost one year! The ordered items are in super original quality, best of best!! I have added some pictures of my Hemi car, please have a look and enjoy. I can recommend Tony Mopar for all Mopar enthusiasts!! The company is fast, honest and have a lot parts in stock! Many thanks again and greetings from Switzerland/Europe. Best regards,
- Daniel from Switzerland -

70 AAR CudaI received these parts for my AAR Cuda from Tony. All original. Drive shaft, steering wheel column, power steering pump and brackets, interior panels, motor mounts, back window trim, transmission mount and a lot of correct information. He is fun to talk to and is truly a Mopar nut. Parts were shipped promptly and were accurate. On to my next project and I will count on Tony for parts and information. Thanks Tony.
- Dan from WI -

72 SatelliteHi Tony. The 72 Satellite arrived in Malta safe & sound. Philip (the owner) is over the moon with it. We charged up the battery, put new fuel in it, and it fired up straight away. It's also in better condition than it looks in the pics. Thank you.
- Philip from Malta -

69 Road RunnerYour seats, console, dash padding, horn and many, many other parts from your vault. My car Ha! Ha! Thank you very, very much for all the help from you and your employees.
- "Firedome" Kriner from PA -

68 Dart GTS ConvertibleHey Tony, Just wanted to say thanks for the wheels and fast shipping down to Alabama. Got them repainted and installed on my 1968 Dart GTS Convertible this weekend. Thanks again!
- Eric from AL -

69 SatelliteAir cleaner arrived yesterday and I'm definitely impressed. Quality is exceptional, delivery was prompt, and packaging 1st class; thank you very much!!! Also appreciate you including the catalog.
- David from WV -

66 A100Here is a pic of my 66 Dodge A 100; recently received OEM cast iron 4 bbl intake, along with 4 bbl carburetor. Thanks.
- Mike from NH -

64 FuryTony, Here's a picture of my 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury that I purchased in January. Loaded and ready for the trip back to Wisconsin. Thanks so much for the mirror, door lock clips and connecting rod I purchased from you. Everything fit perfect and work great. I'm sure I'll be looking for more parts and I will be sure to contact you.
Thanks for your fine service.

- Glenn from WI -


69 A12 Super BeeTony, I received the "070" concourse fan clutch and got it installed on my Super Bee A12. It looks great. Thanks.
- Brian from TX -

66 CoronetThanks for your help finding the parts for my 66 Coronet. You just gained a new and steady customer.
- Eugene from PA -



67 BelvedereHere's a picture of the 1967 Plymouth Belvedere I'm working on. The fenders I bought from you will, of course, go on this car. It's a 4 door; not everybodys first choice, but I figure there is no pressure to restoring a numbers matching GTX. I will be dropping in a Gen 1 Hemi, loaded up with hot heads parts. Thanks.
- John from FL -

70 GTXTony, here's our 70 GTX, 572 Hemi, (n96), CPT 4L80E custom built performamce 4 speed Auto, Dana 60, trac loc.3.73. This car had a NM Super Commando 440, 737 and 8- 3/4 open rear ' which we boxed up. It's is and was a factory AC, pwr str, pwr brks car. We kept the car as OEM as was possible. Tony's parts provided a hard to get original " Air Grabber" hood with zero dents or waves in the metal. Thanks, Tony, you and your crew always seem to know where, when and how.
- Robert from OR -


71 Duster 340Just purchased and received an A-Body Tuff Wheel adapter, very reasonably priced and in great shape. Look forward to doing business in the future.
- Gregory from CT -

Three Dodge DemonsHello Tony, Yep, the carbs I purchased from you work great on all 3 Demons; 4972s 4973s. Thanks again.
- Randy from BC Canada -



71 DartHi Tony, I received the NOS bumper for my 1971 Dart and it is perfect. I have been looking for this for quite awhile. Here is a picture of my car. Thanks again
- Jim from NJ -

1973 Duster 340340 sort of clone 73 Duster. Ordered a bunch of parts from you including the recent A833 transmission for the swap.
- Kevin from TN -



68 GTXI have been looking everywhere for a complete GTX grille for my 68 Plymouth Satellite Sport. So when I aquired the car, it had a 69 roadrunner grille in it. I wanted to make this car a GTX Tribute Car, since it already had a GTX rear filler panel and side emblems on it. So I checked with Tonyís Parts; Tony made sure I had all the correct parts, as some had been changed. I paid for the parts and Tonyís Parts got them right to me. Tony said the used parts were in pretty good condition; they were perfect. I was so excited that Tonyís Parts had the parts I needed. He had to cut me off from talking to him, so he could talk. Tony's Parts really helped me out. Sure, I wish it was a real GTX, but I got the next best thing. Tony, You Made My Dream Come True. My car Looks Awesome.
- Richard from TN -

72 SwingerHi, I ordered a set of clutch pedals from Tony's Parts to convert my 72 swinger to a 4-speed. Shipping was fast and I got exactly what I needed! Thanks alot guys!
- Tyler from MD -

70 Super BeeTony, I would like to thank you for your part availabilty for my 1970 SuperBee. I ordered a jack assembly, wiper arms and a few other things from you. Thanks for the speedy shipment and supporting my restortation project. I entered my car into the 2017 Detroit Autorama this year at Cobo Hall. Iím happy to tell I won frist place for 1970 Conservative HT classification.
- Bruce from MI -

69 ChargerThis is my '69. I just ordered the 3 pieces of chrome tail mouldings. Great shape! You have a great site. Thanks.
- Joe from PA -

69 Dart Drag CarReceived the parts Saturday morning, installed Saturday night. Thanks so much for helping me get this project on track again. You definitely have a new customer.
- Mike from NJ -


72 ChallengerThis is my 1972 Dodge Challenger. Bought the car in 2005 from a private seller in Rio Linda, CA, and shipped the E-body to Austria / Europa. I was looking for nice A-pillar trim parts ever since. So i bought a pair from Tony's Parts and they shipped it to me incredebly fast. Thanks so much. All the Best.
- Joe from Vienna, Austria -

66 BelvedereThank you Tony for the 1966 Belvedere door latch. I received it today and it looks to be in great condition. With a little luck it will be in the car and taking my little lady to dinner tonight. Have a great weekend.
- Dave from IA -

F-Body WagonAll the parts I have gotten from you have come together nicely. Thanks for your help.
- Russell from MD -


66 SatelliteHi Tony, Got the kick down linkage and it's pretty nice just what i needed I'll detail it and make it look new. Thanks.
- Bob from PA -


69 Road RunnerHere are a couple of photos of my '69 Roadrunner that Tony's Parts supplied the B-pillar trim for. The stainless trims for my Roadrunner arrived this morning while I was out cruising in my Barracuda, I put them on and I'm happy as hell, so thanks Buddy!
- Kevin from New Zealand -

70 Challenger 440 4-speedThank you Tony for the redline dog dish Hubcaps my buildsheet has listed. Better than expected. Straight from the package to the wheels. Also, thank you for the date coded bumper jack, (D 0 or April 70) my production date was April 70. This is a complete numbers matching 440, 4-speed, 3.54 Dana 60. Not an N96 Shaker option, but I like it and it stays.
- Charles from TX -

71 GTX 440Thank you Tonyís for the Carter 4968s carb for my 1971 Plymouth GTX 440 Auto. Thank you for saving original parts so we can restore our cars back to their old glory!
- James from KS -

66 CoronetIím very pleased with the delivery of the two (hard to find) wheel opening moldings at a fair price. The delivery was quick and the items were received as described. Hope to do business with you again.
- Mattias from Sweden -

70 SuperbirdThanks for the Superbird jack hold down plates, they look great.
- Dwayne from Canada -


69 Road Runner B7This is a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. It has a non matching but date correct 383ci High Performance engine with a Automatic 727 Torque Flight Transmission. The color is B7 with a V7B Accent Stripe. White interior & White convertible top. The critical piece of the restoration was the OEM Air Grabber unit that I got from you. It fits on the hood like a glove without all the issues of a re-pop part. The part as received was in excellent condition and required no work. Thanks.
- Ron from PA -

69 Charger RTSEHi Tony, The car is up and running and on the street. 1969 Charger RT/SE 440 Automatic. Thank you for all your help.
- Don and Dottie from PA -

68 Charger BlueGot the check moldings this evening, installed left side and RIGHT ON!!!! Perfect !!!
- George from IN -



70 Cuda 340 FC7Tony, Thanks again for the excellent service, great packaging, and lightning fast shipping on a space saver spare for my car! It was one of the final pieces that I have been searching for. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
- Anthony from FL -


71 Sebring 383Great piece, ash tray worked perfect,looks great. A much needed piece for these cars.
- Dave from PA -

70 Challenger RT SE 440-6Tony, After 4.5 years, the car is finally finished. I have Dave Wiseís Elite Inspection Report on the car and have entered the car in this yearís MCACN, but not yet have been accepted. I wanted to thank you for all the parts, advice/suggestions/comments that you have provided to me. The parts I have purchased from you (all OE for 1970 Dodge Challenger RT/SE 440-6 auto tranny, Dana 4.10, non-shaker): 1970 center carb for 440-6, auto tranny, OE exhaust manifolds, OE trunk lid, OE Wheel Center Caps, and OE E-body Console.
- Keith from MD -

67 BelevedereI bought the fenders, bucket seats, and console from Tony's Mopar Parts. The customer service is excellent. Anybody working on classic Mopars, Tony's is the place to get your parts. You won't be sold anything that might work. My Belvedere is still a work in progress.
- John from FL -

69 Road Runner BlackPurchased an NOS blower switch.
- Dave from Fairbanks, AK -

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