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Top 100 Mopar Sites

Aero Warriors - Dodge Charger Daytona & Plymouth Superbird - photos, statistics, racing, facts, documentation, etc.

Jackets , banners , etc. for Plymouth, Dodge, & Road Runner Collectibles - Email:

ESPO Springs 'n Things - Leaf springs, coil springs, suspension parts

Firestone Collectibles - Mopar emblems, reproduction parts, and more

GTS - Galen Govier - decoding and authentication of Mopar VINs, fender tags, and broadcast sheets; Chrysler registry; visual inspections, validations, and appraisals; and Mopar consultant

Gunslinger Automotive Shifters - Pistol grip style shifter handles and components for automatic and manual applications

Herb's Parts - Specializing in 1963-1974 Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge restoration and performance parts and accessories; Herb's Parts has been in business for more than 20 years

Instrument Specialties - Premium quality restoration services for dashboards, gauge clusters, radios, consoles, heater boxes and steering columns. Complete OE certified turn-key dash assembly restorations.

Jack's Auto Parts - Full line of Mopar restoration and performance parts - Mopar Collector's Guide Advertising - Your one-stop shop for advertising and associated services for Mopar-minded people and businesses

Mopar Action - The official website for Mopar Action magazine

Mopar Collector's Guide - The official website for Mopar Collector's Guide magazine

Mopar - Chrysler Group LLC - Official Chrysler website for Mopar Performance, Mopar Motorsports, and accessories and maintenance for Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles - The 24/7 Virtual Mopar Swap Meet - Mopar parts and cars for sale - Mopar Q&A board, classified section, tech archives, club info, and more

Outrageously Vintage - family owned and operated high performance machine shop located in Searsmont, ME. Twenty-five years experience racing and restoring 1960’s and 1970’s Mopars

Restoration Source - The Best in Restoration at One Location

R/T Specialties - fasteners, clips, body plugs, decals, detail items, and more

SMS - Automotive Restoration Services - restoration of hood hinges, door hinges, heater and A/C boxes, steering columns, emergency brake mechanisms, pedal assemblies, and more

Ben Snobar's Northwest Performance - Shaker hood specialists; spoilers, dash pads, carpet, sheet metal, and assorted trim

Walter P. Chrysler Museum - The official website for the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

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